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WiFi Fingerprint Time & Attendance System
FingerTec TA700W is an slim and sleek biometric device with WiFi capability. It can contain up to 1000 fingerprint templates for a maximum of 1000 users (1 template per user) and 50,000 transaction logs in its flash memory.
Eliminate Buddy Punching
Restore honesty in your workforce with TA700W biometric scanner. Since no two fingerprints are alike, buddy punching occurrence whereby a fellow colleague clocks for another is eliminated completely with this terminal.
Cloud-Ready Technology
TA700W supports and pushes time & attendance data instantaneously onto the cloud-based TimeTec TA. With cloud technology, you can access and manage time attendance anytime, anywhere.
Full Colour Screen
TA700W comes with a full colour TFT screen for appealing display of company logo, screensaver and many more.
Live ID Verification
With Live ID scanner, TA700W has an improved scanning ability that can even detect blurry fingerprints, thereby taking data integrity to new heights.
The compact TA700W comes with sophisticated technology and useful features at an amazingly affordable price.

Go Green
Do away with wires, cables, and papers. TA700W has WiFi for automatic wireless transactions, thereby the automation gets rid of paper trails altogether.
LED Display
The presence of LED display is to indicate the condition of TA700W on whether it is in working condition or the presence of any error at the terminal that requires checking.
Independent Workforce
When employees are able to track their punctuality and tardiness conveniently using a mobile app like TimeTec TA, they can act more independently in amending their work habits accordingly.
*Only available on TimeTec TA subscription.
Let your employees experience independence by reporting their whereabouts via TA700W workcode function. Select a workcode listed and only scan a finger in order to verify.
International Safety Standards
Meets international hardware standard of RoHS for safety regulations.

3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
The long warranty period speaks volume about TA700W's quality.
Multilingual Support
Supports up to 9 different languages (English (Standard), Arabic, Persian, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese).

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