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Finger Print Card
R3 is the latest fingerprint reader from FingerTec for modern door access and time attendance. This model is loaded with the latest technologies, sleek design and a series of pragmatic features in a dynamic bundle to provide consumers with amazing user experience. R3 comes with multiple verification methods such as fingerprint, card and password; 2.4” color LCD, an intuitive touch panel and it is made durable for everyday frequent usage. For a back-to-back biometrics security measure, simply pair R3 with the new slave fingerprint reader, R3c for a cost savvy and elevated system. Choosing a secure and comprehensive door access control, FingerTec R3 and R3c biometrics access duo are definitely a smarter choice.
Multiple Verification Methods
From fingerprint to card and password verification, R3 provides the possibilities. Optimize your security threshold, with fingerprint verification as your primary enrolment form.
Precise Recognition with Biometrics
R3 utilizes minutiae matching technology that ensures only enrolled users are granted access, eradicating buddy punching scenarios.
Increase Security to Another Level
Install a full biometrics door access system with R3 and R3c for in and out access, increasing security level instantly.
Slim Exterior Design
With the thickness of 32mm, R3 provide you a slim and elegant design biometric device.
High Definition Color Display and Touch Panel
Combining vibrance and function in a single stroke, our 2.4” color LCD and touch panel is bound to please in terms of aesthetics and function.
Huge Memory Capacity
Loaded with a sizeable 256 MB flash memory & 128 MB SDRAM capacity that supports up to a whopping 100,000 transactions
Wall-Mounted Installation
R3c is a sleek looking slave device which can be wall mounted for cleaner installation.
Durable Exterior
Made with In-mould labelling (IML), poly carbonate (PC) & acrylonitrile butadine systene (ABS), it gives you a strong and durable device for your daily use.
Data Management Simplified
R3 is equipped with TCP/IP connectivity and when that is not available, a USB flash drive is available to transfer transaction logs into your computer.
TimeZone Enable

Secure your premise with timezone features by R3, providing you total control in your access needs. R3 has TimeZone, GroupTimeZone and Group Verify features at your disposal.
Built In Alarm
R3 allows installation of external alarm to your access system to alert you during emergencies and break-ins. Secure your premise with GroupTimeZone and Group Verify functions.

Free Firmware and Software Updates
Functions and features are constantly evolving through technological research and industrial needs, hence our software and firmware updates for our devices come complimentary.
2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
The long warranty period speaks volume about R2’s quality.
Multilingual Support
Supports up to 10 different languages English (Standard), Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese Traditional / Simplified, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Turkish, Persian.