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A Quick Scan & Go

Simply scan your way with QR110 to conveniently obtain access to your space. This simple reader does not only scan QR Codes, it also scans various types of card too. The administrator just needs to issue all credentials for the authorized personnel and every time these credentials are used, the bundled software will record every activity accurately as well as keep the data secure for future references. QR110 links to Ingressus controller to control the access of your premises which allows only valid credentials to pass through the verification process. Get QR110 for a simple, affordable and convenient access control system.
Various Credentials
Choose between the ubiquitous QR codes, RFID and Mifare Card for your door access, knowing that QR110 easily accepts all of them.
Low Implementation Cost
Users can use their smartphone to carry the QR code around to gain access without having to invest in additional tokens or gadgets.

Quick and Accurate
Each verification of credential takes around 0.2 seconds; you do not need to worry about long queues at your premises.
Safe and Secure
QR110 is a slave reader and all data will be kept in Ingressus controller before it’s downloaded to Ingress for further processing.
Manage Data
Install Ingress to monitor all the data read from QR110 and receive every other useful features that the software can offer through IP connectivity.
Subtle Design
The petite QR110 will fit in any environment without ruining the aesthetic of a space.
Installation Guide
Video Guide