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A Firm Access with FingerTec
Kadex Series
Password TCP/IP
RS232/RS485 USB
Password Card
RS232/RS485 USB
When registering for a new staff , have you seen this message before ?
Or even this, whenever you arrive at the office?
How about this? During calculation of staff attendance.
The Solution to All Your Problems

*ONLY valid for Kadex
TOP  Feature 1
Small, Yet Loaded with Amazing User Capacity
Kadex and m-Kadex can store a whopping total of 30,000 users and 50,000 transaction logs.
30,000 Users
30,000 Passwords*
30,000 Cards
50,000 Transaction logs
TOP  Feature 2
Manage Your Complex Workers' Shifts Easily
Kadex and m-Kadex can be programmed with a total of 50 times zones - perfect for companies with multiple shift work.
TOP  Feature 3
Multilingual Support
The Multilingual Support feature allows you to use our hardware and software for up to 15 different languages.
(only for Kadex)
English (Standard), Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese Traditional / Simplified, Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese Portugal / Brazil, Polish, French, Russian, German, Italian, Turkish, Persian, Slovak, Greek, Dutch, Hebrew, Romanian, Bulgarian. Other languages are available upon request
SOFTWARE LANGUAGE Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Kurdish, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese
TOP  Feature 4
With Ingress Software, you can manage the data of all your remote doors easily and determine the settings of your access control system in addition to getting the details of every access activities from one central location.
FingerTec's Ingress is an integrated access control management application that runs on the familiar MS Windows operating environment. The software is a complete solution for centralizing, managing, and monitoring door activity in FingerTec access control devices. Bundled together with the Ingressus Controller, Ingress is an advanced, easy to use, and IT-friendly software that provides elaborate access control features such as real-time monitoring, database administration and report management, all in a single unified system. Ideally suited for self-managed organizations of below 100-door environment, Ingress is also capable of seamlessly integrating its access control functions with alarm monitoring and other intrusion detection devices.

Ingress supports all standalone FingerTec access control models that use card, fingerprint and face recognition verification, and multiple terminals can be centralized in the Ingressus Network Control Panel for multiple-door monitoring.
Real-Time Monitoring
Real-time access control event, fire alarm and transaction log monitoring.
Visual Map
Intuitive graphical maps are completely customizable to let you monitor activities.
Remote Control
Control access activities directly from the monitoring station.
Access Control
A security mechanism preventing an access card or similar device from being used to enter an area a second time without first leaving it.
Fire Alarm Linkage
Allows the automatic unlocking of emergency fire doors in the event of a fire.
The interlock function enables extra security by ensuring a sequence where one door can only be released when other doors are closed.
Advanced Reporting
33 Comprehensive Reports
Provides 33 comprehensive combinations of data listing, configuration, activity, audit trail, incident, time and attendance, and event reports.
Save Reports into Various Formats
Print and save reports into PDF, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT and JPEG.

Terminal Overview

1 LCD Screen
2 Keypad
3 Card Induction Area
4 LED Display
5 USB Port
6 Speaker
7 Reset Button

2 Card Induction Area
3 USB Port
4 Reset Button