As a brand new year is approaching, TimeTec has been contemplating the next opportunity for the betterment of business and society. We have decided to take the initiative to withdraw the distribution of our product DVDs, concerning the issues with sustainability. This decision, however, will not affect our customers from acquiring products essential information. In fact, we have transformed this exclusive customer privilege into a universal website for all-time convenient accessibility.

For users who are concern about this change, we guarantee that the quality is only better. All necessary information and other relevant materials can be easily found and downloaded from the site, namely application installer, user guides, video guides, quick start guides, forms, etc. All it takes for a FingerTec user to gain access to all detail guidelines is to log onto our website. In the case of software license keys, we strongly recommend users to select online activation for quickest admission.

TimeTec is a company led by a strong moral compass, pledges to limit global destruction and to ameliorate living standards. We commit to actions that bring our planet a better tomorrow. We hope to see this change of ours will help raise awareness of waste generation. Promote the issue, and have the global community to fight against unsustainable development along with us.

We welcome all inquiries or thoughts our customers may have regarding this matter. Do share with us at; any responses are much appreciated.

Thank you.
Mrs Norana Johar
Group Chief Operating Officer
HQ, Malaysia